I can not forget the sex I live with

I am a 24-year-old young single man. In fact, even though it is a production that does not interfere with anything in its own calm, sometimes I do not have escapes and sweet tastes. I will tell you now how often escapes I make from time to time, but my story is quite amazing and full of pleasure. I will not forget my whole life with this sexy housekeeper Gülhan. In fact, everything developed very suddenly and quickly. Halam Gülhan is a beautiful and beautiful hot wife 40 years old. We often spent our time talking about where we lived almost in close proximity. My self-esteem and care has always earned my admiration.

At some point I started to spend a lot of time with my robe, and I communicated with him more closely. This situation has impressed me very much and has increased my admiration of being a lot. One night I went to stay with her, we were still having normal heartbeat, but this time we were so immersed that we did not realize it was late. We both got our beds to sleep. But not too soon the rooster came to the room and the chief flight caught a glass of water and the chest in the sexy nightfall was pierced because it was bending. My naked housewife glowed at that moment and I was dizzy with the beauty of those tits. I stopped her while she was leaving the room, and I pulled her out of her arm and took a bed. He tried to push me out first, but he could not resist it.

We started to mutilate each other trying to be quiet. Halaman was such a sexy woman that her whole body almost took me away from me. While I was caressing my breath, my breathing echoed in my nude wife ears and the nerves were taking me from me. As I started to insert my middle finger slowly into the ammo, my ears became an ear nipple stick. The ear was so sexy that it was not possible for me to fuck her there. My ear-lump, who licked with great pleasure, then fell to his legs in six, and I fucked him madly with great pleasure. I remember last time I was born to my mother and I can not get it out of my mind.


I fucked my wife with my friends in groups

Hello read group sex stories. My name is Ha I am 32 years old and I am married. We live a life full of sex with my wife Shermin. Shermin is a very sexy woman with her tall breasts and big horses. We work with both of us, and despite the tiredness of the day, we make different fantasies every night and get bored.

That morning as usual, we got a minibus. The van was full. We had all kinds of sexy with Shermin and we wanted to enjoy it in group sex. But we could not have done it with every front. We were looking for someone to accompany us for a long time. I threw the van down. As the minibus progressed, a few more people would have to go to the side of Shermin next to him. A man took my place in my thirties. The minibus was now filled to the brim and nobody seemed to be moving. The man behind him and the man behind him, who was the only body, laid his hands on Shermin and even stroked his hips. With the sharin, we started to look and smile. This guy could be the guy we called. Shermin made eyebrows with eye and understood, and Shermin landed in the minibus. This man also landed when he said that he would look at the man and come. Of course I got off their backs.

She was a little scared when she saw me, but we were offered to sit down and have sex with her. She was a little surprised at first, but she accepted Shermin because she wanted to fuck her. The three of us have returned home with us. We got our permission to work at workplaces where we used to call our workplaces and make up excuses. We came home now. Shermin went to the bedroom and dressed comfortably. I’m talking to the guy and I wanted him to be a secret between us. We brought a pack of ice-cold rakı, and we headed to the opposite head. Shermin exhibited all body lines dressed in short chest decollete nights. Shermin came to sit in the lap of Serkan, whom we met in the minibus, and started kissing. I watched my wife make love to this guy whom I never knew and drink the altitude. I pulled out my pants and continued to watch them by downloading the press and caressing my raiment.

The serkan took my wife’s night out and grabbed her breasts and continued kissing. The shermin was up and took both of us and took us to bed room. We were stretched to our three bed together, and Serkan went ahead with a meeting with Shermin from behind. Serkan licked his wife’s tummy and I gave it to her mouth. Shermin seems to be licking and moaning with a bigger appetite. We were very pleased and very much enjoyed our time. I changed places with Serkan, and when I had buried my wife in the water and buried her in my wife ‘s mouth in Serkan, she nearly fucked my wife. Shermin was constantly moaning and wriggling from place to place. We’re still on foot for three. I am Serkan from the front and I have not seen Shermin from behind. The two of us were putting dicks in Red Shermin and fucking. The legs of Shermin were not touching at all, and they were constantly screaming and yelling. At the same time as Serkan, we were emptied into Shermin and we reached out to the bed and continued to make love. We rested for hours on that day and continued to fuck. Occasionally I walked through an edge and watched them and caressed my skin. I told Serkan to call me anytime after that.